It is our primary duty to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and to comply with the quality management system requirements for our company, which adopts the aim and principle of developing together with technology, which always aims to produce high quality with the inspiration you get from nature. As KINGWOOD, we don't just design products, we understand you, care about your demands, evaluate your ideas, and work with all our strength to build better tomorrows together… By chance Quality products or services are the result of systematic work, not coincidences. Our manufacturing area and machines are constantly renewed with expert staff. This is an indication of the continuous and strong growth of our production area.


Our mission is to continuously develop innovative production and products at high standards, and to produce products suitable for the usage habits of different lifestyles.


Our vision; By creating an institution that advances to its goals with integrity and honesty, is faithful to its values, is reliable in the market with its corporate structure, adopts customer happiness as a principle, is always ahead of its competitors in its geography, believes in effective team spirit and the sanctity of labor together with its employees, in the field of furniture production within ten years, in the sector in the world. recognized, to be among the top 20 brands